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Here is an ongoing series of informational entries.  

Mike Melie & Regina Armour: Two Educators in an Evolving Conversation on Acceptance, 

Social Justice, and Current Equity Dilemmas

Our April Blog Entry

April 14, 2018

What Truth Would MLK Speak at 89 Years Old? - Regina Armour

A Temporary Season: Turning Backwards on Race Relations? - Mike Melie

 Our June Blog Entry

June 14, 2018

Money vs. School Shootings? Hmmmmm….I’ll Take the Money! - Regina Armour

Another June Blog Entry

June 29. 2018

Border Babies  - Regina Armour

What Do We Tell Our Children When It Happened On Our Watch?

Border Babies - Mike Melie

An Unexpected Perspective from Beyond America

Our September Blog Entry

Sept. 1. 2018

Our November Blog Entry

November 20, 2018

Happy New Year! The Siren Call of Our Tribe

January 7, 2019

How Our Students Can Succeed in Total World Domination! or How we have left the next generation to fend for themselves...... 

January 13, 2020